Use of a forum compared to email

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Use of a forum compared to email

Post by pqinetwork on Sat Jul 11, 2009 1:04 pm

Use and Rationale of FORUM as compared to Emailing...

1. Emailing- maybe you forget to send to someone or you don't have all the e-mails accessible on the current computer or workstation. By posting on the FORUM, everyone that is a member has access and you only posted once from any computer from any workstation.

2. Emailing- you have long disjointed messages, maybe some in the e-mail group hit reply rather than reply to all so some of the originally intended parties of the message missed out on some of the information sharing. The FORUM keeps all the replies in one location so nobody is left out.

3. Emailing- you want to include an attachment but are limited to the size allowed by your internet service provider, additionally, the recipient of your e-mail file may have similar or even greater restrictions that prevent them from opening your attachment. The FORUM attachments are not restricted to the file size of your internet service provider and are not transmitted as an e-mail.

4. Saving Email attachments and other related files consume large amounts of your computer space, by placing the information on the FORUM, you still have access (from any computer- not just your own) can share with others and does not need to be stored on your computer and does not take up storage space.

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