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Data backups

Post by pqinetwork on Fri May 06, 2011 10:36 pm

ZumoDrive - music files - works great with being able to listen to uploaded songs on any device - including phone

SpiderOak- can select specific folders and even sub-folders to be auto synced- also provides any revised versions of docs- this is great for work docs that need to be synced to different computers but that you may also want to have access to any previous versions.

Dropbox- best for personal docs and info (tip sheets, quick notes and lists, posts, etc) also accessible via phones and other devices, and the Internet for quick and easy access to info right away.

Ubuntu One - 2gb free space but not sure what to link to or best case for utilizing this just yet.

MediaFire - to replace hydratrustedpartner as a source for uploading files to receive links - only issue is that some files that not accessed for long periods of time could be deleted- (site promises to provide email notifications BEFORE anything is ever deleted. But it would be best to utilize for some short term announcements and docs that do not need to 'sit' on a website for a long time unattended.

DivShare- not sure what to use but you get 10 GB free and uploaded songs that you can embed on a website and listen to WITHOUT the need to download!!! This might be good for photos also - need to explore a little more...

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