Getting Started- Using the Forum

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Getting Started- Using the Forum

Post by pqinetwork on Sat Jul 11, 2009 1:03 pm

Getting Started- Using the Forum

How to get started?
No one best way to start- you could browse the topics, type in key words in the Search feature.
If you don't see a topic or application that you are looking for- type in your comment and start a new discussion.

We have also added a community board for any of your topic/ideas that don't fit the list of current categories.

Using the forum:
* Ask questions- you may find out that others have the same issues while some may have discovered the perfect solution.
* Share strategies, concepts and ideas
* Browse topics for brainstorming ideas
* Use as a knowledge resource/reference guide for all your PQI related projects
* Select to be notified about new replies or comments related to your favorite topic(s) of interest
* Post tips, tricks and guides of your own to share

Common Questions
Make sure to visit the FAQ section.
If you are still unsure on something feel free to post in the Forum Requests and Help section

Thanks for your interest and enjoy!

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